Foundation Surgery Center

Foundation Surgery Center in Fort Washington, PA wanted to update their Surgical Center’s waiting room, lockers, desks and chairs. They required a fresh and clean look, as they are a surgical center and you want to impress upon people there that you are professional, clean and up to date.  The center required the staffing area also to be updated, especially the desks and chairs that represent the back end of the facility. The fabrics used for the seating were all vinyl’s and antimicrobial fabrics.  If the front is clean, professional and looks good, the patients have a better feel for the procedure they are having.  The lockers were updated also, as they patients store their personal belongings in them during the procedure. You want it to be safe and clean. Look around your offices through the eyes of a patient or client. Do you need AAAA Surplus to come update your space?  What we did for Foundation Surgery Center, we can do for your medical office too.


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