Freshen up your Office

Reception Graphite DeskOffice Graphite Desk

Offices looking to update their image have questions. Will this be more functional? What does it look like to our customers?  Is it affordable?

The contemporary look is fresh and clean.  One of the hottest colors today in office furniture is Graphite.  It gives you the cool gray with slight undertones of dark blue built in.  It’s cool, calm and together.

Updating your furniture can also increase your productivity.  How far have we come in the past 15-25 years with computers/iPad/workstations???  So much has changed in our technical life, that we need to re-evaluate how we work.  We need to increase efficiency without compromising our work space.  Something that simple can increase productivity.  By giving your staff the ability to function more easily in their daily tasks means they have less distractions and are able to be have quality work hours.

So yes, you want the new, clean and fresh look. But, you also increase your employee’s productivity and make your clients feel more positive when meeting with you.   Think about it.  It really is a no brainer.

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